Fostering the spirit of the great Fuzzy Wuzzy's



5 to 8 days trekking

Starting either way Fuzzy Wuzzy Spirit or Port Moresby end

Tailored for:

  • School groups
  • Church groups
  • Sports groups
  • Family groups
  • Free Independent Travelers (FIT)
  • Maximum: 25 trekkers
  • Minimum: 1 trekkers
  • Annual frequency
  • Any time
  • Any way
  • Any how

Costs: Enquiry for no hidden cost on address provided.

Provide Affordable & Memorable guided trekking on Fuzzy Wuzzy Spirit Track

  • We are experienced local operators.
  • Having over 17 years of guided trekking experience ok Fuzzy Wuzzy Spirit Track.
  • Have well qualified Guides and Poters who have local expertizes.
  • Operating out of Port Moresby.



Kokoda trail is one of the popular treks located at Papua New Guinea. It is a spot, which is steeped in history where you would come across, culture, and people encompassed by lush green surroundings of Papua New Guinea. It is best suited for individuals who are physically fit.


Hiking is regarded as one of the best activities to fortify family bonds thereby improving the overall quality of life. It does not matter whether you are engaged in the above-mentioned task with friends or family members; it proves to be beneficial while spending a wonderful weekend retreat with them.


Individuals who are physically fit and healthy may consider engaging in soft-adventure sporting activities. It is an excellent opportunity for them to catch a glimpse of majestic mountains and engage in trekking led by a professional. However, one should be acquainted with the topographic map, first aid kits.


Papua New Guinea is a unique tourist destination spot that is rich in its natural bio-diversity. It will be indeed a thrilling experience for those who wish to get close to nature. You could catch a glimpse of some of the exotic varieties of flora along with native Melpha people.

Target groups

School Students

Papua New Guinea is a place that features a tranquil environment and lush green surroundings. Apart from that, the country is rich in its diverse culture and steeped in history. Immerse oneself in the life and culture of the country. Some of the major highlights of this particular trip consist of scuba diving.

Family Groups

Fuzzy Wuzzy Spirit who has gained more than thirteen years of experience were actively involved in customizing Papua New Guinea tours. Moreover, it is a haven for avid photographers along with numerous opportunities to interact with the residents. It is an ideal opportunity for them to witness the fascinating Mask festival.

Church Groups

Papua New Guinea claims to be one of the diverse countries in terms of culture across the globe. It lured the majority of the Muslim and Christian missionaries blended with native religious practices. Mission awareness programs are organized as part of the tour. Meetings and prayer gatherings are conducted too.


One of the major highlights concerning Papua New Guinea is the diverse culture and captivating sceneries. It is an amazing diving destination spot featuring bright-colored reefs and marine life. The internal team of Fuzzy Wuzzy Spirit has designed a customized trip catering to the budget, needs, and preferences of their clients.