Fuzzy Wuzzy Spirit Trail

The Great Fuzzy Wuzzy Spirit expressed on the wounded young Australian soldier on the Fuzzy Wuzzy Spirit Trail expresses the great spirit of Love& care naturally embedded within hearts of many known and forgotten heroes who only show a glimpse of smile to express ‘acceptance’ bringing hope amongst the thick war torn jungles is the Great Spirit that lives on today

Nothing better than the Spirit of the great Fuzzy Wuzzies fostered amongst many Australian and global trekking friends by younger generation of the Fuzzy Wuzzies compliment that the Great Spirit surely lives beyond the beyonds blending us today

Fuzzy Wuzzy Spirit Trail is home to many and Trekking becomes a lifestyle and livelihood for many young generations today.

The Fuzzy Wuzzy Spirit’s vision was to foster the great Fuzzy Wuzzy Spirit through guided trekking, day tours and others for livelihood

Established in 2016 Fuzzy Wuzzy Spirit trekking brings wealth of experience and expertizes and is confident it will be the difference bringing for the people on the Fuzzy Wuzzy Spirit Corridor and Papua New Guinea in general.

Our expectations are to provide safe and memorable trekking, short day tours, promotion other tour destinations in the country and our valued trekking clients are enjoying beautiful scenery of sunrise, sunset, fast flowing cool creeks and rivers, Natural surroundings, climbs and more beautiful untouched virgin eco systems.

Are local Expeditions tailored to naturally meet our valued trekking client’s needs from sporting and Adventure, to Historical and for bonding the Fuzzy Wuzzy way

With over thirteen (13) years of Guided Trekking Experience. we have the Local Expertizes to meet our trekking clients requirements and ensuring their expedition experiences are memorable


Fly in Do Kokoda & Fly out. Yes many have done that. Not even a night in Port Moresby and we have catered that experience our local way making it simple.


Anyone Physically, Mentally & Morally fit will enjoy doing the trek

Do not under estimate the trek.

We have expedition’s whole year round for ALL trekking clients from:

  • Groups: schools, church, work groups, Family etc.
  • Historical
  • Bonding
  • Sports
  • Adventure
  • Free Independent Travelers (FIT) group



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